Risks of Using Bikes in Japan (Bicycle Accident)

Bicycle Bike Accident JapanAlthough bicycles are easy and convenient way to move, once you cause an accident, there is a danger that you inflict serious injury on somebody else.

If the other party gets injured heavily, there is a possibility that you will have to pay enormous damage reparation, just like when you caused a car accident.
There are cases where bicyclists are being claimed for more than 10 million yen from the victim, and these kinds of cases are not uncommon.

Even when a child causes an accident, the accident itself will not be justified.
And in most cases, children cannot pay the compensation money, so the parents will have to pay instead.

In any case, when you or your children are going to use bicycle in Japan, we recommend you to buy damage insurance which covers bicycle accident.

Published by

Kei Sumikawa

Attorney at Law (Sumikawa Law Office), Kawasaki city, Japan