Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard) available depending on cases.

When we work by hourly charge (time charge), we ask the client to pay deposit in advance.

Below are the fees when we do not use hourly charge.

If English translation of the related documents is required, translation fee will be added to the fee written below. Translation fee is usually 11,000 – 22,000 yen per sheet, depending on the contents of the document.

Initial Consultation10,000 yen / 30 minutes for individual cases.
15,000 yen / 30 minutes for business (corporate) cases
Standard FeeEconomic Value of the CaseInitial FeeReward (Success-fee)
Cases that are not typical and for which the time required is unknown may only be accepted on a time-charge (hourly charge) basis.
~3,000,000 yen8.8% (minimum 220,000 yen)


minimum 440,000 yen if the client is distant and cannot visit our office

3,000,000 yen ~30,000,000 yen5.5% + 99,000 yen11% + 198,000 yen
30,000,000 yen ~300,000,000 yen3.3% + 759,000 yen6.6% + 1,518,000 yen
Over 300,000,000 yen2.2% + 4,090,000 yen4.4% + 8,180,000 yen
Checking Contracts110,000 yen ~ depending on the quantity.
Car AccidentSame as the Standard Fee.
Initial Fee 330,000 yen or more for negotiation case.
Initial Fee 440,000 yen or more for court case.
Monthly retainer may be required.
Drafting a Japanese Will220,000 yen or more 
Per DiemWhen the lawyer is required to appear to the court (or elsewhere), Per Diem Wage will be 44,000 yen (up to 4 hours roundtrip) or 88,000 yen (over 4 hours roundtrip) for each day of the travel, in addition to the other fees.

If you need information about fees for particular type of cases (such as labor case, inheritance case, contract drafting etc.), please inquire by email.