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Sumikawa Law Office is a law firm located in Kawasaki City, between Tokyo and Yokohama, specializes in providing Japanese legal services to English speakers. Our expertise covers business cases such as international contracts and also other civil and family legal issues.

Due to the high volume of inquiries we are currently receiving, we may not be able to provide consultation for some inquiries. For particularly urgent inquiries, please consider using the legal consultation service of the bar association or the local government office.

English-Speaking Legal Team

Our team at Sumikawa Law Office comprises attorneys (Bengoshi lawyers) and staff who are proficient in English, eliminating the need for translators. We understand the critical importance of this capability, as it ensures clear and accurate communication, reducing potential risks when addressing legal matters.

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Practice Areas:
Corporate Law | Contracts and Agreements | Labor Dispute | Inheritance | International Inheritance | Will, Testament |Divorce | Real Estates | Car Accidents | Bankruptcy

Support for Foreign Lawyers

We support Lawyers in foreign countries about legal cases in Japan
(Legal Support in Japan for Overseas Lawyers/Attorneys)

Lawyers (Attorneys-at-Law)

Kei Sumikawa
Hazuki Kobayashi
Shiho Suzuki
Noriko Tanabe

Members of Kanagawa-ken Bar Association (Kawasaki branch)