Support for Foreign Lawyers

Information for worldwide lawyers seeking Japanese lawyer’s support

Japanese lawyer (Attorney-at-Law, Bengoshi) supporting lawyers world wide

Japanese Attorney Badge

Sumikawa Law Office has supported foreign law firms on multiple cases, such as the law offices from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Germany, India etc.

The Legal Cases we support in Japan

Inheritance procedure in Japan
Investigation about Japanese legal heirs
Searching for the absent heirs in Japan whose whereabouts are unknown
Creating affidavits at notary public office
Certify documents as a Japanese registered lawyer
Collecting money in Japan
Creating, checking and translating Japanese contracts
Investigation about Japanese companies (such as obtaining the official registration information)
Investigation about real estate in Japan (such as obtaining the official registration information)
Support for real estate trade in Japan
Other legal supports on Japanese law

All our lawyers and staffs can communicate in English. We can communicate through email, Zoom, MS Teams etc.