Support for real estate (property) transactions in Japan

Selling your real estate in Japan when you reside abroad.

By owning a property in Japan, you will have to incur expenses and taxes, even if you don’t use the property any more. In such case, you may have to consider selling the property.

If you live abroad and want to sell your real estate in Japan, you may be required to come to Japan to sign a contract. However, there may be people who have difficulties coming to Japan. In such cases, by having an attorney (Bengoshi lawyer) represent you, you may be able to close the contract while in your own country.

For example, it is possible for the attorney to support you to negotiate and sell land, buildings and leasehold rights in Japan that are no longer needed by yourself.

We mainly handle cases in Tokyo and Kanagawa area, however, we can provide support for real estate throughout Japan.

Important Note (Beware of non-existent lawyers)

Please note that we have received several consultations about fraudulent cases involving companies and offices purporting to be located in Japan. If you are looking for a Japanese lawyer (attorney, Bengoshi) or agent from abroad, be sure to check that they are officially registered. You can find a registered attorney’s list on the Japan Federation of Bar Associations’ website. Also, the U.S. Embassy, UK Government and Government of Canada provide lists of lawyers who can be contacted in English.

Japan Federation of Bar Associations’ website

Make sure the contact (address and phone number) of the offices or agents matches the information provided from these official bodies. As a result of our researches at the request of overseas clients, we have identified several websites that fraudulently abuse the names of real lawyers and accountants in Japan.

Published by

Kei Sumikawa

Attorney at Law (Sumikawa Law Office), Kawasaki city, Japan