Submitting divorce papers by postal mail (Japan)

In Japan, you can also submit your divorce papers by postal mail to the municipal office (city hall).

You can download the divorce form (Rikon-Todoke) from some municipal offices via the Internet. Generally, the form can be used at any Japanese municipal office.

Sapporo city

However, if there are any mistakes, you will have to go to the municipal office to make corrections, so it is strongly advised to call the municipal office (Koseki-gakari) well in advance and make sure that your divorce form is filled out correctly.

Also, if you are a foreigner, be sure to check whether your home government will allow you to get a divorce by just mutual consent, without going to court.

Japanese Consumption Tax | Tax-inclusive Pricing will be required from April 2021.

As of April 1, 2021, the total amount including consumption tax (Shohi-Zei, 消費税) must be indicated in the price labeling for consumers.

In other words, the price tag could be indicated like “10,000 yen plus consumption tax” until March 2021, but from April 2021, the price will have to be indicated like “11,000 yen”.

This regulation is applied to all of the price indications such as price tags, flyers, catalogues and also websites.

We do not handle tax issues. This information is provided just for your reference. If you have inquiries about tax issues, please ask a tax accountant (Zeirishi) for details.
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