Car Accident in Japan

When you are involved in a car accident in Japan, and if you’re going to claim damage against the insurance company, we strongly advise you to consult an attorney-at-law (“Bengoshi” in Japanese).

To receive appropriate payment for your damage, you will first have to assess your damage. Technical knowledge and complicated calculation is required for appropriate assessment.

Of course, the insurance company may assess your damage and offer you some amount of money. But there is a problem. Insurance companies are likely to restrain their spending, so they may not fully pay the amount of money which you could have received. In that case you will have to calculate your damage yourself and negotiate with the insurance company to pay the appropriate amount.

There are also other problems. For example, insurance companies sometimes even demand you to terminate your medical treatments to save their spending. You will have to negotiate and convince them that the treatment is still necessary for you.

But negotiation against insurance company is a very difficult task. It is difficult even for Japanese people. If you are an English speaker and not used to negotiate in Japanese language, it will obviously be much more difficult.

And if you are not satisfied with the insurance company’s offer as a result, you will have to bring the problem to the court.

So, you will need specialist’s advice for both assessing your damage, and, negotiating with the insurance company. In some cases, you will need to file a lawsuit. This is why we strongly advise you to consult an attorney at law.

If you consult and appoint an attorney-at-law, the attorney (Bengoshi) can represent you through all the negotiations (and lawsuits, if necessary). Also, if your insurance covers the attorney fee, part of the fee may be paid from the insurance. When you take out the automobile insurance in Japan, make sure it covers the attorney fee.

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