What to do in case of Car Accident in Japan


If you get involved in a car accident in Japan, here’s what you should do at once.

  1. CALL 110 (Police)
  2. If somebody is injured, call 119 (Ambulance)
  3. Confirm the other party’s name and address by license card.
  4. If there is somebody who saw the accident, ask for his/her telephone number if you can.
  5. Take photographs of the cars, road, and your injury.

Doing all these may be difficult depending on the situation. But at least you MUST call the police, because if you don’t, it may get difficult to claim damages afterwards. Also, if you are injured, you should ask the police officer to write “Jinshin” which means “accident causing injury” (not “Bukken” which means only “property damage”) on the accident certificate “Jiko Shomei Sho”.

After the accident, you will have to negotiate with the other party (or their insurance company). In many cases, it is advisable to consult an attorney (Bengoshi).

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