Instances When The Attorneys Cannot Accept a Specific Case

Our law firm sometimes encounters situations where we are unable to take on certain cases. Although we are unable to provide detailed explanations for our decision, we greatly appreciate your understanding in this regard.

The attorneys are occupied with a high workload

As we have a limited number of attorneys and staff, we may be unable to accept new cases if our current caseload is already substantial.

The case is not within the practice area of the Japanese attorneys (Bengoshi).

e.g. Japanese attorneys generally do not handle tax cases. We sometimes do work together with a tax accountant, but if the case is only about the tax, we do not handle the case.

The case is not within the practice area of our office.

We do not handle some cases which require expertise we do not have.

It is likely that the fee is too high for the case.

Our total fee for handling the lawsuit is usually 600,000 yen or more, even when the case is smaller than this amount. If we decide that the attorney fee will be too high compared to the amount of the case, we do not take the case.

The case is distant from our office.

Our office is in Kanagawa-ken (next to Tokyo). Generally, we don’t handle cases which are distant from our office. This is because it is usually cost-effective for the clients to find lawyers nearby, and also it is too much time consuming for the attorneys to handle the case. (We do not provide initial consultation over the phone.)

The case is too large or too complicated for our office.

We only have a limited number of attorneys, so if the case requires several attorneys to work on it, we cannot take the case.

When the client asks us to charge the fee to the other party.

In Japan, generally it is not possible to charge the attorney fee to the other party.

When the client asks to guarantee the outcome of the case.

Under the rules for Japanese attorneys, the attorneys are not allowed to guarantee the outcome of the case. So, we cannot handle the case when the client requests such as “I would like to proceed if the case will result in success.”

When there may be a conflict of interest.

We may not be able to provide consultation if we have already received consultation from the other party involved in the case (the other party or other interested parties).

We cannot introduce or recommend other attorneys (we have no information of attorneys who can support the actual case).