Establishing a Company in Japan


It is possible for foreigners to establish a company in Japan.

In most cases, it is advisable to establish a “stock company” (Kabushiki-Gaisha) as the type of the company.

The regulation has changed about the establishment of companies in Japan. Now, all of the representatives of the company can be living abroad. But there are still some difficulty about opening a bank account, so it is best to work with a partner who is already living in Japan.

If foreign people wants to live in Japan as the representative/director of a company, they are required to obtain the visa status of “Business Manager”.

For more details on the visa status of “Business Manager”, please go to website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The fee for establishing a stock company is,

Actual expense for registration (tax etc.)
about 220,000 yen
Attorney fee
330,000 yen or more (depends on the difficulty of the registration, and whether you need English translation for the documents.)
550,000 yen or more

If you need advise about establishing a company in Japan, please come to our office for consultation.


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