Year End Networking Party 2018

Onestop Business Startup in Kawasaki  is holding an Year End Networking Event.

Date & Time: December 11th (Tuesday), 6:30PM
Venue: Sumikawa Law Office (Map)
Cost: 3,000 YEN (Food and Drink)

Please access Peatix for application.

Food: Pizza, Sushi and Snacks
Drink: Beer, Wine, Sake, Shochu, Whisky, Soft Drinks

It will be a good opportunity to expand your network with English speaking professionals around Kawasaki, Tokyo and Yokohama.

Seminar and Networking Event for Business Managers in Japan (2018 Oct 19)

Kawasaki One-stop Business Startup Center is holding a Seminar and Networking Event for Business Managers in Japan. The seminar is about basic knowledge about taxation and visa for business startups in Japan. The lecture will be performed in English.

DATE: October 19, 2018 (Friday)
TIME: 18:45 – 20:45 (Doors open at 18:30)
PLACE: Sumikawa Law Office (Kawasaki City)
FEE: 5,000yen per person(Food and Drink included)

18:30 Doors Open
18:45 Tax/Visa Seminar
– Basic Knowledge about Taxation and Visa for Business Startup in Japan

Tax Accountant
– Mr. Shoichi Maeda
Administrative Scrivener
– Ms. Yumiko Kasama
– Mr. Yoshihisa Takenaka
– Mr. Ritsuya Kaminaga

19:30 Networking Party
– Networking with English speaking experts (attorney, registration lawyer, visa lawyer, tax accountant, business consultant, social insurance consultant)

Kawasaki City is between Tokyo and Yokohama. Kawasaki station is 10 to 20 minutes by train from Tokyo Station or Yokohama Station.

Seminar for Business Managers in Japan (Labor Problems)

Kawasaki One-stop Business Startup Center is holding a seminar  on May 18th, 2018 (Fri).

Ms. Yumiko Kamioka will present a seminar about employee problems. The lecture is in English.

Seminar: “How to Cope with Problem Employees
Lecture by Yumiko Kamioka (Social Insurance Consultant “Shakai Hoken Romushi”)

How to cope with the following employees? Or is it possible to terminate employment contract with such employees without having troubles?

[Case Study]
(1) When the employee does not follow the instructions of supervisors, is uncooperative with colleagues, shows worsening attitude at work,
(2) When the employee lacks the skills required by the company or when the company deems that there is little prospect for improvement by the employee or other lack of skills,

Other English speaking experts will attend the event too (see here). This will be a valuable opportunity to make network with English speaking experts. If you are running a business or planning to run a business in this region (Kawasaki, Tokyo, Yokohama), please feel free to attend this seminar.

Date: May 18 (Fri), 2018
Time: 19:00 (doors open at 18:30)
Cost: 5,000 Yen (includes food and drink)


Place: Sumikawa Law Office (
 Kawasaki city, Kanagawa (10 minutes by train from Yokohama or Shinagawa)

Yokohama – Kawasaki International Business Group January Networking Event

Yokohama International Business Group is holding the first networking event of the year, on 26th January (Friday).

Please join us to connect with international professionals who are experienced with doing business in the region. It will be a good opportunity for business networking and information exchange for businesses around Tokyo, Kawasaki and Yokohama.

One of our member will provide short lecture about craft beer, which should make you a little happier in your future beer life. Also we can provide information about Kawasaki city regarding businesses and souvenirs, the city with 1.5 million population between Tokyo and Yokohama, which you might have just “passed by” in the past.

Beverages (craft beer, wine, shochu, other liquors and soft drinks) and foods (sushi and pizza) will be served. Feel free to join the friendly international and business networking.

Date and Time 26th January (Friday) 6:30PM
Place: Sumikawa Law Office
Cost: 3,000yen

2017 Year-end Party (12th December) Business Networking

Kawasaki One-stop Business Start-up Center is holding the Year-end Party (Business Networking) on 12th December 2017, at the Kawasaki Chamber of Commerce and Industry. See the flyer for information.

DATE: December 12, 2017 (Tuesday)
TIME: 18:15~20:15 (open at 18:00)
PLACE: The Kawasaki Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Address and Map: Ekimae Honcho 11-2, Kawasaki-ku, Kasasaki city
Kawasaki Frontier Bldg. 2F, No. 5 conference room
FEE: 5,000yen (Food and Drink included)

Our goal is to thrust business startups of foreign citizens in Kawasaki, but we also would like to make a good network with English speaking business people who take active parts in businesses between Tokyo and Yokohama area.

The members of our group are English speaking experts (attorney, registration lawyer, visa lawyer, tax accountant, business consultant, social insurance consultant, etc.). So, in addition with creating a good English speaking business network around this area,  you can also have a short consultation at the party about your business.